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Starting Point: A potential nexus of local population, government and organizations sympathetic to green development

Organizing Strategy: Practical demonstrations of the value of connectivity

Tools: Founding Exec Director with the initiative and charisma to connect the dots

Outcomes: Initial success serving as a springboard towards establishing a national model for sustainable community organizing

Prime Resources:

Livability Project empowers communities to address environmental challenges by tapping into their unique assets. We provide the tools and guidance needed for local business, government and community leaders to accelerate the adoption of sustainable living practices. Using our methodology, the Livability Project Framework™, we help fledging organizations raise capital, build organizational structures, and provide marketing and outreach to implement green initiatives.

3-Day Workshop

Accelerate your Livable Community Initiative!
Join your peers and leaders in the sustainability, transition and localization movements to start, grow and maintain livability initiatives in your community.
This intensive workshop will give you the framework, tools and connections to launch and sustain your local initiative.

At Bethesda Green, we bring business, government and community together through programs and services to promote a healthy economy and sustainable living practices in order to reduce our collective impact on the environment.  We fulfill our mission through three primary strategies: Incubate, Educate, Initiate.

Bethesda Green’s
Fourth Annual

Solar & Green Home Expo

Saturday, May 11, 2013, 10 am – 3 pm, Bethesda Green will host our fourth annual Solar & Green Home Expo to offer visitors an information-packed, showcase event featuring many green home expert services and solar providers. The goal of this event is to provide homeowners and other interested parties an opportunity to get the latest information about area services and incentives to green their homes.  The spotlight on solar will include the latest solar-powered technologies, including purchasing and investment opportunities, and incentives for home installation. Local area green home businesses will display their services throughout the Bethesda Green office space while individual workshops related to greening your home will be conducted throughout the day.

Welcome to the Bethesda Green – Greening Restaurant Program

This page is devoted to helping local area restaurants green their business practices and create a more sustainable way to serve healthy, delicious and top quality food to the surrounding community. This program launched in June 2013 in the hope that it can be replicated as a model for other cities and towns working towards lowering their carbon footprint and creating a more sustainable community to live, work, play and EAT!

Bethesda, MD is a unique area located just outside the nation’s capital of Washington, DC. Home to nearly two hundred diverse and delicious restaurants, it seemed only natural to launch a greening restaurant program right outside our office door!

We hope you find this page useful as a first step, or possibly even a second or third step towards making your restaurant more earth-friendly. We have done a ton of research to help save you time and money. There are many incentives to go green and although the resources listed below are just a start, we hope you will find them useful as you begin the road to sustainability. There are several local restaurants already making great strides to green their business (to name a few, Chef Tony’s, Yamas Mediterranean Grill, Sweet Greens, Boloco, Redwood) and we know that through learning from their experience we can help encourage others to do the same.