To colleagues, friends, mentors, and heralds of sustainability who have inspired Exemplars, particularly:

Bob Abramms: ODT Inc. developer and owner; producer of maps which reflect values of sustainability and contradict northern geographical assumptions

Richard Adams, OBE: Founder, Traidcraft, English fair trade organization

Peter Barnes: author, organizer; Founder, Working Assets

Joan Bavaria: Founder, CERES, Trillium Asset Management, Social Investment Forum

Bill Blackford: Author and long-time business leader for sustainable accountability; Environmental VP, Polaroid

Elias Blake: President, the Institute of Services to Education; President, Clark College; Chaired Howard University study and strategies for increasing opportunities for blacks in higher education   

Antuan Canon: Co-Founder of Evirolution and CEO of for-profit spin-off training center for sustainable energy use, Envirolution One

Ben Cohen: Co-Founder, Ben & Jerry’s

John Elkington: Co-Founder, Sustainability; Conceptualized the “triple-bottom line”

Ann Evans: Founded food co-ops; leader in slow-food movement, Mayor of Davis, California

Dave Feldman: Founder and CEO, Bethesda Green; Director, Green America’s Center for Sustainability Solutions

Margaret Flinter: Senior VP/Clinical Director, CHC Inc.; Founder, Nation’s first Nurse Practitioner Residency Program

Bill Ford: Lived up to his name, a rare feat; brought Ford Motor Company to engage positively with CERES

Tim Freundlich: Co-Founder, HUB Bay Area, Impact Assets, SOCAP

Mike Furst: Country Director, Peace Corps Togo, Nepal

Alex Gamboa: Co-Founder of Envirolution, bringing sustainability education into school systems

Jim Gibbons: Founder, CEO, Consumers United Insurance Company

Rudolfo “Corky” Gonzalez: Founded and led “The Crusade for Justice” in Denver in the ’60s and ’70s which created a base of community that explored deep cultural roots through festivals and social events, as well as challenging racist institutions, including the police; also a highly ranked boxer in his youth

Neva Goodwin: author, co-founder Global Development And Environment Institute at Tufts; CERES BOD

Al Gore: Vice President of USA, Nobel Peace Prize, author “An Inconvenient Truth”

Julie Gorte: Senior VP for Sustainable Investing, Pax World Fund; CERES BOD

Alisa Gravitz: Keeps hope alive through two decades of leading Co-op/Green America

Judy Greene: Innovator and implacable activist for sane incarceration policies

Denise Hamler: Green America Catalog, National Green Pages, Green Festivals 

Jennie Chin Hansen: Founder, On-Lok; Board Chair, AARP   

Art Harwood: President and CEO, Harwood Products; Partner, Triple Bottom Line Solutions

Paul Hawkin: author, Co-Founder, Smith & Hawkin

Denis Hayes: Founding Coordinator of Earth Day; activist environmental lawyer; founding Ceres BOD and Co-Chair; President, Bullitt Foundation

Hazel Henderson: Economist, author, early and outspoken challenge to income inequality

John Hickenlooper: Governor of Colorado, Mayor of Denver, Brew pub meister

David Kahn: Dreamer, Dancer and Diligent DNE Board Member; Harvard Faculty

Mitch Katz: Medical Director, City of Los Angeles, City of San Francisco

Kevin Knobloch: President, Union of Concerned Scientists; BOD, CERES Coalition

Roger Landrum: Founder, Youth Services America; innovative educator, Peace Corps Volunteer

Terry Mollner: Founder, Trusteeship Institute; long-time supporter of cooperative development; BOD Ben & Jerry’s

Francis Moore Lappe: author, “Diet for a Small Planet”; Founder, Food First, Small Planet Institute, Democracy Project

Tim Lavelle: Peace Corps Volunteer, Senior USAID Responsibility for famine relief in Africa

Bob Massie: Executive Director, CERES; Co-Founder, GRI; author

Stephen Morris: progressive publisher and environmentalist

Sydney Morris: Unitarian Minister, graceful leader at Another Place Farm, in the day

Ralph Nader: iconic consumer advocate, whose only mistake was running for President in 2000

Kumi Naidoo: South Africa Human rights activist; Exec Director, Greenpeace International, BOD GRI

Denise Napier: Treasurer, State of Connecticut; Co-Chair, Investor Network on Climate Risk; BOD, CERES Coalition

Roger Neece: Decades of commitment to employee ownership and cooperative development

Alan Newman: Founder, Seventh Generation; Magic Hat Brewery

Mark and Sarah Redding: Physician pioneers in widening the care of underserved patients by the use and contribution of lay healthworkers

Bernie Sanders: US Senator, Mayor of Burlington, champion of independent politics

Marc Sarkady: Co-Director, Another Place Farm; organizational consultant who smoothed the way for GM to embrace CERES

Bruce Seifert: Director Economic Development, Burlington; author, “Sustainable Communities”

Wayne Silby: Co-Founder, Chairman, The Calvert Funds and Calvert Foundation

John Stewart: With a team of marvelous writers, editors and comedians, salvaged a sense of humor and integrity for an American decade that otherwise lacked much of either

Medicine Story: Developed innovative sweat lodge program in prisons; author, activist

Stan Strickland: Premiere horn player, wise teacher

Ken Sylvester: Social Policy Director, NYC Comptroller’s Office; founding CERES Board

David Thompson: Seminal cooperative leader in the USA and globally

Arnold Toynbee: Historian understanding broad sweep and cycles of human civilizations

Daniel Trenner: Culture of social dancing, thoughtful teacher of tango and many forms

Joe Uehline: Labor activist and folk rock performer; BOD CERES Coalition

Susan Vickers: VP Community Health, Dignity Healthcare

Elizabeth Warren: US Senator and doughty defender of democracy

Rick Wilk: A career civil servant in the Department of Health and Human Services, his support of creativity and accountability represents a commitment to serving the people, in which, despite all the frustrations of bureaucracy, he is not alone

Michael Wingfield: drummer, teacher, Dance New England Camp Coordinator

Mohammed Yunus: Founder of the Grameen Bank in Bangladesh, Nobel Prize