Paul Freundlich’s Notes in Passing, Blog Post #8: “Welcome to the Human Race”

This is a story about a global culture that can enrich our lives, transcend geography and generations, when it’s not leading to total confusion. A decade ago, I was Chair of the Global Reporting Initiative’s Stakeholder Council – 50 elected representatives from every continent except Antarctica, the full spectrum of race, color, and the sectors… Read More

Paul Freundlich’s Blog, NOTES IN PASSING Post #5: “Divorcing Reality, The Case For Separation”

DIVORCING REALITY: THE CASE FOR SEPARATION The two worst case scenarios for the 2020 national election are that Donald Trump wins the election or that he loses. If he wins, we’ll have four more years to invite a terminal catastrophe or wallow in the trough of arrogance, ignorance and greed. If he loses, don’t expect… Read More

Marco! Polo!

by Paul Freundlich   “Marco Polo during his travels to the Orient…recounts a story he heard, of the “Old Man of the Mountain” who would drug his young followers with hashish. After being drugged, the devotees were said to be taken to a paradise-like garden filled with attractive young maidens. Here, they were told  that they were… Read More