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Starting point: Generational challenge to environmental complacency

Organizing strategy: A non-profit company that does education in public schools spinning off a for-profit to develop training programs focused on sustainability

Tools: Training and educational materials, workshops, job placement, grants and contracts

Outcomes: Two Innovative operations, one focused on classroom education, the other on training and job placement for energy remediation and savings

Prime Resources: http://envirolution.org/ http://envirolution1.com/ 


Envirolution™ is a 501 (c)(3) nonprofit organization dedicated to developing and scaling dynamic K-12 education, job training, leadership academy, and community outreach programs centered around green industries and green energy. We aim to drive the growth of the green economy, thus increasing the number of jobs available in green industries. Our community-based green economy solutions prepare the future and current workforce for green jobs while simultaneously increasing the public demand for green products and services.

Win-Win Campaign

Envirolution’s™ Win-Win Campaign™ is a green economic development program that services the unemployed and under-employed, grad students, career advancement audiences, and engineers by successfully merging education and consulting to drive both the demand for and supply of green products, services, and jobs. Win-Win™ embodies Envirolution’s™ service learning education approach by extending resource efficiency outreach, education, and implementation assistance to a designated client (small business, homeowner, etc), while providing real world, hands-on job training and placement opportunities to a broad range of green job seekers.

The first implementation of this program is currently active in New York City and focuses on energy efficiency and small businesses. Through this innovative hybrid training program that combines in-class instruction with mentoring and fieldwork, participating interns gain invaluable real-world, hands-on experience and concrete energy auditing and project management skills that are applicable across a wide spectrum of career opportunities in the expanding green economy. As part of the program’s hands-on training component, participating interns serve as Community Energy Consultants (CEC) and reach out to New York City small businesses to educate them about cost-effective energy efficiency measures, connect them to the diverse offerings of incentive and rebate programs for energy efficiency, perform energy audits on their facilities, and help them acquire energy efficient retrofit measures for their facilities.