To the Exemplars of an Emerging Paradigm:

Trends, Organizing Principles, and Tools

for a Future Worth Sustaining

Welcome to Exemplars, a living library of much of what is hopeful, fascinating, and ultimately sustainable in our world.

I’m Paul Freundlich, the Curator of this site. I invite you to Join me in a journey of exploration. Through narratives, stories and images, we can visit the places, organizations and communities from around this planet that represent the productive creativity of myriad individuals and groups.

The point and purpose of Exemplars is to put in the hands of activists, students and citizens the basis for cautious optimism, and the tools to realize a vision of sustainable community. Each one of the Exemplars cited has realized a piece of the puzzle. While I will present a set of trends and principles that might explain their connection, it will be up to all of us to put them together in a way that matters.

Here’s how it works:

If you are curious about the motivation for Exemplars, start with “Why Exemplars?” and the “Curator’s Note.”

If you need a conceptual framework, try “The Emerging Paradigm” section, and the “Ten Trends and Organizing Principles” within it.

If you want to get right down to the core of this project, go straight to the “Library” where you will find a rich collection of institutional biographies organized into four Domains: “Cities and Towns”; “Support Organizations”; “Systemic Interventions”; and “Sustainability Cultures”.

The “Exemplary Media”  section of the Library contains both video and print referrals. If you would like to see some relevant documentaries that dig deeper, they are placed at the end of text for each of the Domains, also located in the “Exemplary Media” section.

If you are moved to add new Exemplars to the Library, respond to Blogs,  or wish to support our work, jump to “Participation”.

However it best suits your approach, we hope your visit is both challenging and useful. Whether you visit for a brief moment or an extended stay, visit once or return over and over, we extend a hand of friendship.

Welcome aboard.