Starting point: Skewed geography via northern-centric maps

Organizing strategy: Business marketing maps and related items

Tools: Mail order, website, store

Outcomes: Education tool changes perspective

Our Mission

ODT provides innovative maps, products, and resources to help you see the world in new ways.

About ODT

When the award-winning TV show, West Wing  contacted ODT in February 2001, for permission to feature the Peters Projection map on an episode, ODT was catapulted into the spotlight of the map publishing market. Since that time, the organization has published the “What’s Up? South!” world map, the Hobo-Dyer world map, thePopulation map, the incisive and insightful book, Seeing Through Maps and the fascinating exploration of maps and cartographers – the video and DVD Many Ways to See the World.

ODT, Inc. began as a management consulting company focusing on topics of employee empowerment, performance appraisal, and self-directed work teams. In 1989, ODT pioneered the use of the Peters Projection map materials in a variety of corporate culture change, leadership, and diversity diagnostic projects. With this, our transition began from dynamic consultants to innovative map publishers.

From our origins of providing assistance to human resource departments to now offering new and exciting visual representations of the world through unique maps, ODT’s mission of honoring differences and teaching people to see the world from a broader, more inclusive perspective remains at the core of all ODT activities. Plans for the next five years include the publishing of new maps and resource materials, updating of our previous material, and initiating extensive in-service teacher training and train-the-trainer workshops to expand the reach of our message.

We welcome your feedback and suggestions as our company continues to grow.