Starting Point: In 1995, Bill and Lynne Twist traveled deep into the Amazon at the invitation of Achuar leaders to partner with them to preserve their land and culture but to also change the dream of the modern world

Organizing Strategy: Integrate indigenous wisdom with modern knowledge to support personal, and collective, transformation

Tools: Fundraising, volunteer coordination, demonstrations

Outcomes: Sustainable interventions

Prime Resources:

Inspiring the Future: Highlights from Around the World

“Up to Us” Engagement Pathway in Full Swing

This engagement pathway is designed to awaken, educate, connect and engage a critical mass of “pro-activist” leaders committed to bringing forth a thriving, just and sustainable world. The pathway has various steps:

  • Awakening the Dreamer Symposium – A half-day transformative, educational, awakening workshop. Thanks to more than 4500 trained volunteer Facilitators, the Symposium now has been presented in 82 countries worldwide. Provides a great foundation.
  • Game Changer Intensive – This new online course was piloted to more than 830 people. Picking up where the Symposium leaves off, the Intensive catalyzes the inner work of transformation and inspires and equips people to engage in effective collective action.
  • Communities – These provide a structure and an opportunity for people to connect with like-minded people at the local level, to continue to learn together about the key social and ecological concerns of the day, and to engage and work together on local, national and global issues.
  • Movement Partners – We supported two key game changing movements aimed at addressing the root causes of the most pressing issues today in the United States: our unrepresentative Democracy and Climate Change. We partner with organizations that are central players in building these movements and that guide people to get involved at the grass-roots level through their local chapters.

Speaker Series Engages People on Key Issues

We hosted 7 live video conversations with key thought leaders of our time, on topics ranging from Indigenous Perspectives on the State of Our Planet, to GMOs. More than 3200 registered for these events.