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Starting Point: Non-profits need for technological support

Organizing Strategy: Create core tech support, reach out to non-profits

Tools: Data collection, consulting capacity

Outcomes: Advanced capacity for non-profits

Prime Resources:

You and your organization work hard to improve lives in your local community or around the world. TechSoup is the place to get the transformative technology solutions that you need to accomplish your mission.

TechSoup supports nonprofits, charities, libraries, foundations, grantmakers, and other civil society organizations worldwide. Eligible organizations can get donated or discounted software, hardware, trainings, and more.

Technology Solutions and Support

Every day, people around the world rely on TechSoup for the information they need to make smart decisions about technology at their organizations.

U.S. organizations often first get to know TechSoup through its product donation program, which provides eligible organizations with discounted software, hardware, services, and training. Through our Global Network, our trusted partners give organizations outside the U.S. similar access to the solutions they need. TechSoup’s catalog includes more than 375 products from over 90 companies like Microsoft, Adobe, Cisco, Intuit, and Symantec.


Validation Services

Before they can work with civil society organizations, companies, grantmakers, governments, and others often need to verify that an organization is eligible for support.

TechSoup’s Validation Services are global. Our experts have collected and vetted information on more than 690,000 organizations in 190+ countries. If you want to provide products or services, you can rely on our Validation Services to tell you whether an organization is a legitimate NGO, nonprofit, or charity in its home country. And, if you’re a U.S.-based grantmaker, NGOsource can streamline your international grantmaking and help you better support your grantees.


Community and Connections

Especially in the social sector, truly transformative knowledge is often built through collaboration and partnership. TechSoup fosters many types of peer learning opportunities to enable people to work together toward a more equitable world.

Meet in person with others who work in social good technology at a local NetSquared meetup. Get your questions answered by your peers and share your ideas in our forums. Connect with library staff in big cities, rural areas, and towns of all sizes at TechSoup for Libraries. Learn from TechSoup’s communitythrough social media.


Technology changes constantly. So do your organization’s technology needs. TechSoup helps you stay up-to-date and keep innovating. We connect you to the new solutions and practical ideas you need to achieve your mission.

Discover useful technology resources and tips through TechSoup’s blog, webinars, forums, newsletter, and articles and how-tos.

Ongoing Innovation

There’s always more to be done. TechSoup continues to build new ways to equip changemakers with transformative technology solutions. We launched Caravan Studios to design much-needed apps that help communities organize, access, and apply local resources to their most pressing problems. And that’s not all — we have more in progress.

Get involved with TechSoup, and together we can create relevant, sustainable, and scalable solutions.